Top 10 Anime of all time

Top 10 Anime of all time

You probably landed on this article looking for some dope Anime that will qualify your expectations and won’t feel such a drag to continue then behold my friend! I am here to make your search a lot easier. There are a lot of anime series out there from classics to the latest ones belonging to different genre one can think of. However, it can be pretty frustrating to find the series that would pique our interest.

There are different categories of Anime from Shonen to slice of life, and there is one for everyone. But there are some Anime that stand out from the rest and if you haven’t watched them then you are missing out on a lot. Whether you are a beginner or a die-hard fan, the list has something for you all.

In this list I have shared the Top 10 Anime series that are most favorite of the fans, have a massive Fandom and I have also personally enjoyed them. Every year a lot of anime shows are produced and released but only few manage to get the popularity and hype. This article provides you the list of Anime I consider best in different categories based on their rating, plot, story line, animation and characters. So, grab your popcorn cuz you’re in for an adventurous ride.

Top 10th:

Jujutsu Kaisen

Top 10 Anime of all time, Jujutsu Kaisen


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fiction

Release Date:

03 Oct 2020


Yuji Itadori, our protagonist, is a typical youngster with exceptional physical power who is sought after by every club despite his lack of interest in them. He eventually comes across a long-sealed cursed object—a demon’s finger. His encounter with the demon finger dramatically altered his way of life.

He swallowed the finger to stop further carnage, but it turned out to be a terrible mistake because his entire body was cursed as a result. The monster now lives inside of him. Will he be able to spend the rest of his days without conflict?

Talking about the top 10 anime, jujutsu kaisen has won many hearts and definitely deserve a place in this list.

Top 9th:

Tokyo Ghoul

Top 10 Anime of all time, Tokyo Ghoul


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Horror

Release Date:

04 July 2014


Ken Kaneki, a high school student and bookworm, encounters Rize in a cafeteria. They get along well because they share interests, but he was unaware that Rize is a ghoul (a monster who feeds on human flesh and blood).

After an accident, several portions of her organs are implanted into Ken’s body, and he evolves into a ghoul. He decides to live as a ghoul for the rest of his life and make friendships there. The conflict between the human and ghoul worlds is followed throughout the story, as is how our protagonist contributes to achieving harmony between the two.

It has a fascinating storyline which makes its viewer to re-watch it several times. Without a doubt, it is one of the top 10 animes to watch.

Top 8th:

Demon Slayer

Top 10 Anime of all time, Demon Slayer


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Drama

Release Date:

06 April 2019


Japan’s Taisho Period is where the story takes place. Tanjiro, our young hero, and his family reside in a forest. To make a life, his family gathers charcoal. He found his family brutally murdered by a demon one day when he got home from work. His younger sister Nezuko, who transformed into a monster, is the only person who has survived.

He made the decision to become a demon slayer in order to heal his sister and exact retribution on the demon that murdered his entire family while also trying to discover a means to make his sister a human once again. He chose to become a Hashira (the title given to one of the strongest) and enlisted in the demon slayer corps.

In order to find that evil demon, he decided to travel from place to place. This action and adventure filled anime is certainly one of the top 10 anime series.

Top 7th:

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Best Anime of all time, Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion


Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fiction

Release Date:

05 Oct 2006


The setting for the story is a future in which Britainnia has defeated Japan with the aid of its new humanoid weaponry. Japan, formerly a proud nation, is now referred to as Area 11 and its citizens as Elevens. Later, the rebels from Area 11 begins a resistance while Brits are living comfortably. Lelouch (the exiled prince of Britannia) acquires the strange ability known as Geass. Elevens are powerless to strike so he decided to work together with them to overthrow Britannia.

You might be curious as to why I selected this one. Well, it’s obviously the admiration its audience has given it. Putting everything else aside, the main reason that this anime made it onto the “Top 10 anime list” was because of its plot.

Top 6th:

Hunter X Hunter

Top 10 Anime of all time, Hunter X Hunter


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Release Date:

Remake (02 Oct 2011)

Original series (16 Oct 1999)


A hunter is a person who travels the globe in search of criminals to track down and apprehend as well as undiscovered treasure. Gon, our protagonist, is a young child whose father abandoned him so that he could become a hunter. Gon chose to take the notoriously difficult and fatal hunter exam in his quest to find his father.

He makes friends with chain user kurapica, aspiring doctor Leorio, and assassin Killua while taking this exam.

It is regarded as one of the most well-known anime series ever. Hunter x Hunter is without a doubt one of the greatest Top 10 anime show, packed with action and comedy.

Top 5th:

Death Note

Top 10 Anime of all time, Death Note


Drama, Mystery

Release Date:

04 Oct 2006


The protagonist of the tale is a talented young man named Light Yagami. He gets a strange notebook called Death note one day. As long as the user is aware of his name and appearance, it can kill anyone at any time. He killed a lot of dangerous criminals because he thought of himself as a god and wanted to remake the world in accordance with his idea of justice.

Police engaged the renowned investigator known as L to solve the mystery behind all of these killings. The self-described God of Justice and the illustrious investigator L now begin their cat and mouse game. You’ll have to watch the game to find out who won!

Top 4th:

One piece

Best Anime of all time, One piece


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Release Date:

20 Oct 1999


These days, every fan of anime is aware of this masterpiece. It is appropriate to refer to it as the greatest adventure anime of all time. Along with adventure, it also features the best action anime has to offer. The story begins in the aftermath of Pirate King Gold D Roger, who died and left all of his fortune (One Piece) on an unidentified island.

Pirates from all over the world are frantically searching for treasure after his death. Young lad Monkey D. Luffy, our main character, decides to hunt this treasure after being motivated by his idol Shanks. He forms a crew and sets off on his quest to get the missing piece in order to succeed to the title of pirate king.

Production of the anime began in 1999 and is still ongoing. The animation, which improves steadily throughout the series, is the main change. Because there are so many episodes, some people stay away from this anime. However, once you start watching it, a thousand episodes won’t seem like enough to you, and you’ll want more.

There are no words to adequately express the emotional connection this anime’s viewers have with it. Obviously, one of the greatest anime series ever made and deserves the milestone of the Top 10 anime of all time.

Top 3rd:


Best Anime of all time, Naruto


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Release Date:

03 Oct 2002


A world with four ninja nations is the setting for the story. A nine-tailed fox suddenly materialised in the realm of fire’s hidden leaf village. Up until the fourth Hokage locked him into a baby’s body, it caused a lot of destruction. Naruto Uzumaki was the young man. All his life, the locals demolished the settlement and treated him like the nine-tailed beast. Naruto made the decision to become the Hokage, who is regarded as the village’s leader, in order to win the support of the populace.

This anime cannot be disregarded in any way. Naruto has received plenty of love and attention from anime lovers in the world of Otaku. It is surely one of the Top 10 best anime series of all time.

Top 2nd:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Top 10 Anime of all time, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Release Date:

05 April 2009


Two brothers, Edwards and Alphonse, violate the basic rules of alchemy, which results in Edward losing half of his limbs and Alphonse losing his entire body. In cold steel armour, Edward imprisoned his brother’s spirit. Both brothers go out to find the philosopher’s stone, which has incredible abilities and might be able to help them heal their bodies. Action and excitement abound on their quest.

Otakus praise every single anime on this list as being great, but Fullmetal Alchemist is in a class of its own. With insane animation, it boasts one of the best and most original storylines. This action-packed anime is so seductive that once you start watching it, nothing in your power will be able to stop you.

Top 1st:

Attack on Titan

Top 10 Anime of all time, Attack on Titan


Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fiction

Release Date:

06 April 2013


Titans are animals with enormous bodies that resemble humans but lack intelligence.  In the past, when people were about to go extinct, they constructed tall walls to protect themselves from Titans. Eren, a little kid, is currently residing with his parents and his foster sister Mikasa.

The outermost wall is brought down one day by a Colossal Titan who suddenly materialises out of thin air. Titans charge in and slaughter every single person they encounter. Eren manages to escape, but he witnesses his mother being eaten alive in front of him. As a result, he makes a promise to wipe out every titan on the earth for humanity.

As the story progressed, it becomes obvious that there are other enemies as well as more reality to it than just titans.  Amazing anime Attack on Titan is an amazing anime with has a big audience. There is a ton of action and adventure in it. This is the best anime to watch if it’s your first time watching one. It deserves its place in the list of the top 10 anime.

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